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Also known as the Noir Spider-Man II is old Spiderman of the 1950's but unlike his predcesor he is not from an altnerate reality, but from Peter's reality in the 1950's. He is also part of the Retro Ace Corps

The Arachnid Detective

Real Name

Mick Bomolardi




Same as Spiderman's


Goggles,Retro Spidy,Mickey




Born from an Italian-American family, Mick grew up in New York and studied crimeology in colledge to begin his career as a decetive. During his early cases in tracking a drug-dealing gang, he found what first looked like a cocaine lab but seeing the strange substances in the beakers and test-tubes he knew this was something else. They were trying to use spider's venom mixed some syurm they stole from a chemist to make a new drug but no sucess. One of the thugs caught Mick and knocked him back into desk causing the beakers to fall and cut his hand, the syurm entered his wounds, Mick took out the gangsters and had them aressted. But later he fainted back in his apartment and woke up the next morning. Later he discovered that the syrum gave him strange spider-like abilities, and he thought this could improove his career. He dubbed himself the Arachnid Detective, cracking cases and taking out thugs,gangsters, and mobbsters.