Story so far... Edit

Part 1: The story begins with a young boy named Yuko Shemamora, who has always dreamed to be hero for the people. At age 13, he was often picked on by a bully named Mikey Momens. One incident would cause the two boys to go on their seperate ways (what the incident was, it was never known). Now 3 years later, Yuko decides to get revenge on Mikey for all the beatings he received from Mikey 3 years ago. However little does Yuko know, his quest for revenge will set off a chain of events that will change Yuko's life.....forever.

Part 2: One day, Yuko laid on his bed thinking about all the things he could do to Mikey when he suddenly fell asleep. He dreamed of an Angel who speaks to him and tells him that he could have what he desires. That of course is to become a hero, however in order to be worthy enough receive this blessing, Yuko must defeat his r him. Yuko figured the only he could get Mikey's attention was to make him as miserable as possable. So Yuko follows Mikey to the school, then sneaks his way into one of the classrooms. While the teacher's back was turned, Mikey went to snatch the Teacher's wallet, Yuko took out his camera and was able to snap a picture of Mikey caught in the act. Yuko would later show the teacher (who was looking for the wallet at the moment) the photo and Mikey was sent to the office where he received detention. After school Mikey arrived at his front door, only to be greeted by a bucket full of ice water. After drying himself off, Mikey makes his way to the staircase. However he dosen't see the skateboard placed out in front of him, so he steps on it and slips, then falls down the stairs. Some time later Mikey finally makes it to his room, but when he opens the door he gets smacked in the head with a bag full of dirt. Blinded Mikey wonders aimlessly until he goes through an opened window and falls right in the front of his lawn.

Part 3: Mikey would get up and brush himself off, only to see Yuko standing on his front porch. Mikey demanded to know who was causing him so much trouble. Yuko reveiled that it was him who set up all the traps and got Mikey into detention. At first Mikey didn't Recognize Yuko (since it's been 3 years since they last met). However when he asked why Yuko was doing this to him, he remebers. Yuko challenges the older to a fight and Mikey accepted, some time later they would meet once more on top of a tall building. After a breif discussion, the two boys dash at each other and starting fighting. The battle was going poorly for Yuko until when all seemed lost, Yuko tripped Mikey causeing him to fall off the building and he lands back first on the street floor. Yuko now seeing that he has defeated his rival (or so he thought until much later) and decides to head back home. Unkown to him however his life will forever change once he arrives at his house.