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The Birth of Tad (タマちゃん誕生) is an OVA series about the life of a young tadpole, who grows up to become a frog.

Plot Summary[]

A Story begins with a big adventure and family, Tad is a tadpole who lives in the city. That one day, there's something happened to her. Tad becomes a slime and straight frog. Together with her friend Alice, everyone will be in the future.


Chapter 1[]

On September 5, 2000, temporal terrorists attempted to escape the Patrols via a hyperdrive, warping just as the authorities surrounded them with more ships. The Lake experienced a power surge as a result of their activities. The then factory-new Tad was struck by sunlight from an unknown sun defect while he was on a conveyor. The shock caused an explosion that ejected a metal screw, and he stumbles before falling from the heights of the factory and into a dump truck, which was disposing of the payload into an industrial furnace. Tad is unable to grip as the truck's bed remains tilted, but Madeline appears in time and grabs him with her tail, saving him just as the truck leaves. Tad thanks her and they introduce themselves to each other, with Madeline mentioning her profession as a dancer. When he cannot explain his origins, Madeline speculates that he fell from great heights (implying she saw him earlier on). Recognizing him as a cat automaton too, she grabs his hands, telling him that they should encourage each other and contribute to society. He agrees with her, and Madeline jumps away while dancing, much to the dismay of an infatuated Tad.

Just before graduation day, Madeline and her sisters urge Tad not to bring his depression to the Tadpole Audition, though Tad isn't convinced due to his horrible academics as he frowns while looking at his zeroes on his tests. Noramyako comments that his persistence is valuable and pretends to kiss him, causing Doraemon to blush and throw away his test papers, though she dodges him and claims that it is a joke. Then, Madeline grabs a Fish Chips from her backpack and offers it to him, claiming that it is a 16th-century snack, reminding him that he should keep his spirits up. Upon eating it, Tad takes a liking to the snack and starts to frantically grab copies from her backpack in order to munch more. Madeline is slightly irritated but laughs heartily, and comments on his persistence again.

Back in the night, Tad was sleeping in the lake (at home). But suddenly the moon was rising and Tad grew until she woke up. In the mirror, Tad was amazed when she grew into a froglet.

Chapter 2[]

The Audition occurs the next sunset when people demonstrate their performance and is streamed live to all of Japan, where if an audience member approves of a machine they could just take it home. Tad, Madeline, Jessie, and Xuxu were amongst the audience. Jessie himself claims to be anticipating the tadpoles' demonstrations, while Tad is nervous.

After an awkward and brief introduction, Tad brings out a tiny drum and rattles it, though an electrical short circuit led to an explosion instead. He wipes off the dust and takes out a baby trolley, though it somehow accelerates rapidly and drags him at high speed before disintegrating upon collision with the ground. He tries to hold a fake baby and falls, and when using a jack-in-a-box, it punches him repeatedly. Near the end of the audition, just as he is about to lose hope to no approved users, an infant Alice hits the button, much to everyone's relief. His classmates descend to the stage, and they celebrate. Tad dances with Madeline.

Later, Tad learns from Alice's parents that he pushed the button accidentally and are considering sending him back to the mansion, though in the end, they decide not to - Partly due to impracticality, and also due to Alice bonding instantly with him while attempting to tear his tail. At their demand, Tad becomes Alice's caretaker, and their friendship quickly strengthens over the years.

Chapter 3[]

10 years later, Alice's dad asked to go the vacation. Alice agrees and prepares the generating. Meanwhile, she wants to make a clay figure of Tad as a token of friendship. He is almost done but hasn't colored the figure yet, and, finding the tail slightly off his expectations when compared to a photo, he orders a sun controller to model the figure's tail after those of the real Tad. However, the cat misinterprets Alice's instructions and does it the other way around. Alice is unable to stop the cat, which dashes to Tad - who is taking a nap - the cat switches the sun controller - and starts bright away at his tail. Terrified, he starts to run frantically across his room as a helpless Alice arrives.

A pediatrician sends both Alice and Tad to the science clinic where he is detained by a pair of medical automatons and has his arms, legs, and tail bandaged. Kururu laughs and claims that it is rather easy to repair, adding that they are decorations anyway. Tad assures Alice that it will not be painful, and the latter leaves to wait outside. Kururu then starts his usual procedures but is disrupted when a feather causes Tad to sneeze, slamming him into the console. As he panics in terror, multiple arms (including “If I could do my life over” gun) shoot Tad, who screams while the body is growing. Madeline, who has gotten wind of Tad's fiasco, visits him at the science clinic with lilies, while greeting Alice along the way. However, she instead discovers that Tad's tail was removed and he is now grown. After making sarcastic remarks over his mistakes while trying to hold his laughter, kururu quickly leaves the room in panic. Tad initially frowns and then tries to smile, though Madeline is unable to hold as well - she drops her flowers and begins to giggle uncontrollably, much to his dismay.

A sad Tad escapes the science clinic and reaches the summit of a monument (presumably with the rocket wings), still frowning. He sighs and shakes his bottom (without tail), but eventually decides to do something to cope with his depression, and takes out "blue candy", which supposedly causes the user to become grown up. However, after eating it, a confused Tad inexplicably feels even worse. Unable to bear his pain, he cries in wailing about his disasters in life as brightening blue glows from his body and the screen fades to black.

Chapter 4[]

A rocket wings appears, carrying another without tail froglet automaton who finds a bright blue Tad with navy blue spots on a mountain and greets him. She introduces herself to him as Angelica, a sister model to him developed as a complimentary solution to child care. Tad, now with a medium-high voice, cries and embraces her. Angelica asks about his degraded color and his sadness, to which he replies that he cried for three days straight, and the corrosion eventually ate away at his bodywork, leaving the base paint behind. Angelica thinks that a gadget might be the bane of his weeping, though he denies it since he supposedly drank "blue candy". Angelica checks the blue and red candies bottle, and discovers that it is "Age Candy". Tad finally concludes that he drank the wrong potion, which causes him to recall sad memories instead, and he wails again.

Angelica then informs him that Alice went missing looking for him, and he sprays tears again, blaming himself for putting his friend in danger. Angelica chastises him and prompts Tad to do something. Considering that he needed to cheer himself up before he could do anything, Tad attempted to grab "red candy " and promptly ate the candy. Angelica notices that it is in fact "Age Candy" just as he is done, and he is surprised. She warns him that he will rapidly accelerate and launch himself away if he attempts to move, though moments after, he sprints off in the other direction, unable to control his limbs, mortifying her as the candy bottle's container is grabbed on his hands. Tad complains of stiffness as he dashes across the waters with surface tension, eroding the last navy blue spots on his body.

Meanwhile, after they save, Alice and Tad embrace, and they plan to return to Alice's mansion, only for Tad to realize that he is back into froglet once again. Their panic is short-lived, however, as Angelica arrives with Madeline on a hovering disc. Madeline, who now has white fabric wrapping her face, hugs Tad, explaining that her jaw dislocated due to laughing at the bottom Tad for extended periods, and had to hold it on with something. She apologizes to him and then comments that he looks even better than before. A happy Tad blushes, while Angelica and Alice happily look on.


Years later, Tad swims into the past as per Alice's request to drag his family out of poverty by helping his ancestor, Alexandra, which Tad considers his Present to Alice. Tad pops out of a water barrel, a terrifying girl, who recognizes that it is an illusion. After complaining that he slept for a day and thought of nothing, he wanders around, witnessing a fish swimming in the door closet in the bathroom and also another doll that vaguely resembles Tad on the ground. Inspired, the girl combines the fish and the frog plush as a futuristic machine with a backpack, whose purpose is to help a schoolgirl with his advanced technology. The machine then becomes Tad, who suddenly comes alive in the girl's imagination and breaks the fourth wall as he introduces himself. The film abruptly cuts to an end.


  • Kanako Takatsuki as Tad
  • Etsuko Kozakura as Young Tad
  • Taeko Kawata Angelica
  • Mayuko Omimura as Madeline
  • Haru Kuroki as school girl
  • Yuko Yamakuchi as Jessie
  • Ruki Saitō as Alice