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The Crossover After First Series Ended and Before Second Series Begins. Cillian Has His Journey Story Takes Part Before He First Met Ed Edd n Eddy.

Cillian Darcy vs the Aliens. []

During the Fire in the Park in New York after the Duel. Cillian and His Twin Sister are Seperated for Life and Never See Each Other, 5 Years Later Cillian is 10 and a Graduated College Student. He Decided to Find his Twin Sister and Discover that the Search of Aliens Life Form are Planning with His Sister's Powers and Must Save Her. But then he Arrived to the Sonoran Desert with his Motorbike and Discover that The Bike as a Gun whom he Uses to Find His Sister, but then The SALF Crew saw him and Call Him the Darcy Ghost and Later Shocked that a Fable Appeared whom Helping him Rescuing his Twin Sister. But then After His First Fight, a Fable reveals a Sheriff and His Name is Bigby Wolf and He Faith.

The Boy vs The Serial Killer.[]

4 Years Later Cillian Woke up in Fabletown and Discover about a Serial Killer of Fabletown so He Decide to Sovel the Case. but then at Night He Saw Bigby as a Werewolf whom He Saw that He's Awesome and Then Bigby bit Him so Happly, He Decide Learn to Fight and Practice to Learn How to Shoot a Gun and Finally Arrested the Serial Killer so then He Left the City on His Motorbike and Tries to Find his Twin Sister.

Cillian Darcy Meet 3 Kids[]

While on His Way Home and Meet 3 Kids On their Way to Macon so he Decides to Give them a Ride. the Kids Introduce themself as Kevin Rolf and Nazz who are From Peach Creek where His Sister is. Cillian Shocked That His Sister. so then At the Museum, Kevin Rolf Nazz and Cillian (Who is Going With them) Arrived with them to Look at the Ancestors of His. Until Then 3 People Named Carley, Doug and Glenn Appeared and Looked. but then Outside, Cillian Hangs Out and Saw Someone which is Turned out as a Zombie. But then Cillian Tells the Others to Stop Talking Loud. Carley Asked Him is Something Wrong and He Answers that He Saw a Zombie and Everyone Scream that The Zombies is True. Kevin Rolf and Nazz are About to Escape and Cillian Gave a Pitchfolk to Rolf and Attack. And Cillian Abandoned his Bike. and Said It's the Beginning of the Apocalypus.

The Forest Quest []

In the Forest, Cillian is Running and Shoot the Zombies during the Apocalypus and Then Got Lost. And Then He Heard the Car Crashing Sound and Spent the Couple of Hours