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The Emperor's New Anime is an Japanese-Disney anime created by Disney. It takes place during the events of The Emperor's new school. It introduces Hikari, a Magical Girl who become best friends with Kuzco. It aired on the Japanese Disney Channel on December 19 2020 and was released in English a month later. The opening song is Kuzco no Joujou Yuujou by Hayadain for the Japanese dub and K-U-Z-C-O for the english dub. The ending theme is Umarun Taiso and Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu


TENA Episodes

14-Year old Hikari Starstone goes to the earth dimension to enroll in the most recommended school for royals (Kuzco Academy). There she meets Kuzco an 18-year old emperor attending this school to stay emperor. But Yzma is out to make sure both of them fail.


Kuzco Shotaro Morikubo J.P. Manoux
Hikari Myuki Shawashiro Tara Strong
Malina Megumi Han Jessica Dicicco
Pacha Naomi Kusumi John Goodman
Yzma Hisako Kyoda Leslie Carrara Rudolph
Kronk Kenyu Horiuchi Patrick Warburton

Home Video[]

The series was made available to Disney+ as soon as season 1 finished in america with new seasons being added in the same format.


The series got an average of 4.9


A Disney+ exclusive film called Hikari's New Groove is currently in the works


Hikari is the only character to have a often reran form, being her Magical Girl form

This installment introduces a new art style to the series, one that is more anime like and cute


The New art style. Notice that Kuzco looks more anime-like

A Manga version called the Emperor's New Manga will soon be on CoroCoro