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"For the future owners of RED and BLU we give our companies to be united by you"-The Solgan written by the Infamous Mann Trade Brothers Redmond and Blutarch


The Mann Trade Brothers Blutarch(Founder of BLU) and Redmond(Founder of RED)

The End of Pointless Bickering Act also known as the RED & BLU Act was a treaty discovered by the Retro Ace which was originaly written by the Mann Brothers to unite their companies after a long, slow, feeling guilt over their father's death but the Announcer(Their half-sister Helen Mann) defied it with her mercinary contract. After burning the announcer's contract and Makoto blasting the old crone to bits, Makoto and Sekai signed the Act to unite both teams and place them in control under of the Retro Ace Corps who see to it both sides have an equal trade

The End of The Announcer's Scheme[]

The Announcer hid this from Miss Pauling, The Director, and Saxton Hale, knowing that this would mean she would be caught by the Governments around the world in her scheme to control the world via Monopoly. When Necronicus registered as a client asking for cybernectics and cloning tech, plus DNA from both teams in exchange for a piece of power over the world (though he really would just kill her after her usefulness was no longer needed). After The Ace and Co. fall into a trap shute in Mann Manor, they end up in Nucleaus where the announcer shames the teams and curses out the Ace and his freinds for "Spoiling everything" Pauling quit, Hale quit, the Director Quit, she only then had her annoying suck-up secratary. The Ace tells them that both teams and companies quit and coming to work for him and his freinds, she laughs and tells about the contract, which Ace stole in her office in Mann Manor, he gives it to Makoto who has Raph(BLU Pyro) burn it, after the tense battle with her Secure-and-Destroy 3000 and she met a explosive end, he uses the Act he found to united the Companies and Teams and now both serve the Retro Ace Corps as a secret defense force against the Horde of Hell, and making up the bulk of the Retro Ace Corps supplies (Tech, Food, Security, Ect) and they are paid by the United Nations itself, taking care of the payment issue, And Makoto and Sekai see to it that both team's salaries are paid fairly (Makoto see's to BLU and Sekai see's to RED)