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The Eternal Tale: Black Blade
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 24
Run time 22-25 minutes

The Eternal Tale: Black Blade (aka Black Blade) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro based off the game The Eternal Tale by Aozora as an alternate re-telling of the story.

The story is set in the same time and place as the game, in the world called Crystan. The story follows Siegfried Sonata in his quest to defeat his father, the King of Xopolis, and become the ruler of his kingdom.


In the world of Crystan, countries are constantly at war with each other and had never reached a conclusion. Siegfried Sonata, is someone who had his life drastically changed because of the confusions of the wars. In the country of Arc, the Prince of the Kingdom of Xopolis, the country's capital, was to be killed when he was still very young, but he had survived and created many rumors over the next 15 years; the Prince of Xopolis was nicknamed the "Lost Prince" and was rumored to be left-handed, had black hair, the birthmark of a winged upside down heart, and looked around the ages of 15 to 17. Due to the tyranny of the King of Xopolis, The Lost Prince had become a hope for the people of Arc and had created many imposters.

In the town of Sandsu, a young 16 year-old girl named Hina Roland, is one of the protectors of the town. As a young stranger with black hair and a big sword fainted as he enters the town, he was helped by Hina and had introduced himself as Sieg after regaining his energy. Awhile later, another stranger had entered the town with a gang, the stranger had introduced himself as Alejandro Sonata, a young man claiming to be the Lost Prince. As Alejandro and his gang gathered many people's support, they had also broken some hopes, making Sieg angry, and as he reaches the height of his anger, Sieg had revealed who he truly is after defeating Alejandro and his gang. Sieg's true identity was Siegfried Sonata, the Black Blade, the Noble Crusher, the Death God of Arc, and true Lost Prince. Once Sieg had left Sandsu, he was followed by Hina and continues his quest by searching for great warriors of Arc to help him.


Main Protagonists[]

Siegfried (Sieg) Sonata[]

A 17 year-old boy known by many nicknames, Black Blade, Noble Crusher, Death God of Arc, and Lost Prince. He is a person who has a strong faith in justice and lets people decide whether they want to join him or not; he is sometimes very childish and is also a glutton. He favors the nickname "Black Blade" the most because it sounds powerful yet merciful, unlike his other nicknames. He is left-handed but uses his right hand as his normal arm to fight, but he switches to his left hand when he is serious in a fight or when he throws his sword. He wields a cursed two-handed sword named Crow. He was once accidentally turned into a girl but had transformed back after he accidentally kissed Hina. He sometimes loses control of his sword, making him go berserk in rage. He is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi.

Hina Roland[]

A 16 year-old girl from the town of Sandsu of Arc. She was the first person to have joined Sieg in his quest to defeat his father. She is a strong-willed girl who is determined to follow things through to the end. She would often get jealous when Sieg is with another girl, even when they are far from each other. She is voiced by Ai Shimizu.

Main Antagonists[]

Arthur El Sonata[]

The father of Siegfried and King of the kingdom of Xopolis and the country of Arc. He is a man who was had been confused by the war and was convinced by a mysterious prophet that he was going to die at the hands of his own son, so he had ordered one of his trusted generals to throw Siegfried over a cliff. He wields a holy sword named Garuda. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.

The Prophet[]

An unnamed man who can predict the future of everyone besides himself. He uses his visions to control people into doing what he wants them to do, though his true intentions are unknown. He was killed by Amy Bladia. He is voiced by Jōji Nakata.

Other Characters[]

Siegfried's Rebellion[]

Sarasa Lunamariana - A young witch-in-training who fell in love with Sieg. She had made a love potion to make Sieg fall in love with her but had made a mistake and accidentally turned him into a girl instead. Though she was in the last battle alongside Sieg's army, she did not get an invitation from him to help. She had travelled with Sieg and Hina for awhile until they had reached the city of Magilis, where she had trained to be a better spellcaster. She is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa.
Claude Maxis - A strange master magician who was framed for a crime he didn't do and owes a lot of debts to people. He likes to fool around with people who are after him. He wields a black cane and black top hat which both contains lots of magical power. He is nicknamed the "Black Suit Trickster" because of his clothes and the way he uses magic. He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba.
Freya La Cromwell - The 16 year-old ruler of Cromwell. She is nicknamed the "War Princess of Arc" because of the wars she had fought for Cromwell and the scar she has on her forehead. Like Hina, she is a strong-willed girl who sees things through to the end. She is voiced by Aya Endo.
Kross Crux - A mercenary who specializes in fire magic. He is an Omega who used to work for a mercenary group who killed in the name of God. He has a strong faith in God and believes that fate decides everything. He hates people who sees the Omega race as monsters and will usually try to hold back his anger unless he is tempted too far. His strongest spell is called Inferno. He bears resemblance to the King of Xopolis, Arthur El Sonata. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.
Neo Katana - A young knight from the country of Victoria who had defeated his own squad after finding out that they were only in Arc to become greedy mercenaries. He is a knight with honor and loyalty to his kingdom, Embers, who joined Sieg because of a debt. He specializes in iaido and uses a curved sword which is not normally used by swordsmen of Victoria. He was based off the famous historical figure, Sasaki Kojiro. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.
Christina Gunwelt - A gunslinger from the town of Dusty. She is a skilled gunman who likes strong men, no matter of age. She is very mature but sometimes could act perverted when she is with other girls just to fool around with them. She uses two guns named Saint and Sins. She is voiced by Satsuki Yukino.


Amy Bladia - The princess of a lost kingdom from Victoria. She is acts a lot like Sieg except she is feminine and more independent. Even though she is 17, she is very short so she is often mistaken to be a child. She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
Cornell (Nell) Throne - A 17 year-old boy who follows Amy around because she owes him a debt. He is also Amy's protector. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.
Bloom Salutori - A 16 year-old girl on a quest of her own. She does not know much about the world so she was helped by Sieg and Amy when she was looking around the shopping areas of the city of Bazaar. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki.


  • There is an alternate ending that is considered the 25th episode, it shows a scenario where Siegfried had lost control of his sword and the outcome of the event where he goes berserk
  • The anime connects with The Eternal Tale: Red Rabbit and takes place in the same time and places