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The Land Before Time
Format Half-hour TV series
Created by Don Bluth (original)
BNSF1995 (series)
Animedalek1 (character designs)
Terry Nation (Daleks)
Writer(s) Andy Sammonds (original episodes)
Director(s) Andy Sammonds
No. of episodes 66 + 3 OVAs
Music John Williams (original music)
Murray Gold (Dalek music)
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-PG-D-V
Animation Studio Kyoto Animation
Network Cartoon Network
Starring Bryce Papenbrook
Tiffany Grant
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Rob Paulsen
Jeff Bennett
Caitlin Glass
Nicholas Briggs
First aired September 1, 2014
Last aired Not anytime soon!

The anime verison of The Land Before Time was created by Sammonds TV for broadcast on Cartoon Network shortly after the former acquired the latter in 2014. The series is actually a humanized version of the original movies and TV series, and uses FUNimation voice actors.


The series, unlike the original which takes place in an unspecified time during the Dinosaur Age, takes place in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting. The human race is struggling to survive after a massive invasion by the Daleks (yes, THOSE Daleks!). The Daleks project their power mainly through the use of humans converted into cyborgs, often using various codenames such as "Sharptooth", "Dil", and "Red Claw".

The first five arcs (spread across 25 episodes) re-tell the events of the first, second, fourth, and seventh films (though eliminates the musical numbers of the sequels due to the more serious, dark, grim tone of the anime), then segues into original plots. The protagonists are the same as the original series (Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby), however, unlike the original series, the characters of Tricia and Ali are permanent fixtures, rather than one-offs. As with the Dalek agents, these characters also have codenames; in the case of their real names, they are all named after their original voice actors.


Great Valley Residents[]

In the anime, Great Valley is the name of a town. A pastiche of Small-Town USA, the town has all of the basic services, such as a barbershop, general store, bank, several restaurants (including a McDonald's), tavern, train station, and farms. The town is under constant threat from Daleks and their cyborg agents. But the Child Militia usually stops the attacks before any lasting damage is caused.

Child Militia[]

The main protagonists of the series, the Child Militia consists of the main characters from the movies.

  • Littlefoot/Gabriel (Bryce Papenbrook) - The main protagonist of the series, Littlefoot was once a very cheery, carefree, yet easygoing child. But after his mother was killed, he became irritable, angry, and full of hate. Hate for the Daleks. Hate for cyborgs. Hate for anyone who treats the war as a game. And hate for anyone who transgresses him. But most of all, hate for anyone who even looks at his friends the wrong way. Fiercely protective of his town, Littlefoot fights tooth-and-nail to one day free the Earth from the Daleks.
  • Cera/Candace (Tiffany Grant) - The deuteragonist of the series. A tomboyish, tough-as-nails girl, Cera often clashes with Littlefoot, but in the end, their friendship always wins out. She is very good with her fists, and also knows how to work a blaster. Cera is very protective of her little sister, Tricia, and will personally beat up anyone who tries to harm her.
  • Petrie/Will (Jeff Bennett) - Shorter than most of his friends, Petrie is a very neurotic individual. He is scared of pretty much anything, but goes along with his friends on adventures out of loyalty. Unlike the original series, Petrie speaks fluent English, and never says "me" or speaks in the third-person. He also wears glasses in the anime. In homage to his original counterpart, he has a pteranodon on his shirt.
  • Ducky/Judith (Colleen Clinkenbeard) - A perky young girl, Ducky is an easygoing individual. Like her original counterpart, she often says "yep, yep, yep!" and rarely uses contractions or generalizations. She is Spike's adoptive older sister.
  • Spike/Frank (Rob Paulsen, sound effects; Jeff Bennett impersonating Christopher Walken, thinking) - A kindergarten-age boy, Spike was adopted by Ducky's family after his parents were exterminated by Daleks. On the outside, Spike is always smiling, but this is to hide his true personality: one of a very disturbed, deranged, and violent-minded individual who watched as Daleks killed his parents. His thoughts are always of death, destruction, despair, and other dark, unsavory thoughts. His dreams are twisted nightmares full of screeching sounds, disturbing imagery, and dark forms whispering of unspeakable atrocities. Like his original counterpart, he rarely speaks, though once told Cera "Eat my bowls", and also makes small sounds every once in a while. He also has a distinct battle cry.
  • Chomper/Rob (Leah Clark) - A small boy whose parents were converted into cyborgs (but managed to counteract the mind-control chips), Chomper is a friendly individual who loathes the Daleks just as much as Littlefoot. He is best friends with Ducky, and has a huge appetite (he once ate one of Ruby's sandals).
  • Ali/Juliana (Caitlin Glass) - The tritagonist and leader of the Child Militia. She immediately warmed up to Littlefoot due to his hatred of the Daleks, but was wary of his friends until she rescued Cera from Dil and Ichy. Trained in Anti-Dalek and Anti-Cyborg warfare by her parents, Ali is a highly-skilled child soldier. She and Littlefoot have massive mutual crushes on each other, but are too afraid to say anything.
  • Ruby/Meghan (Cherami Leigh) - Leader of the Child Militia in the next town, Ruby is constantly pursued by Red Claw, an ex-Dalek Agent who still lusts for power and seeks to be Emperor of the Solar System. Ruby often accompanies Chomper (who initially mistook her for a princess, and declared they were doomed to servitude, until Ali cleared things up).


The adults of Great Valley are all trained as soldiers. Even the elders are damn fine fighters.

  • Bill (J. Michael Tatum) and Linda (Miriam Flynn) - Littlefoot's legal guardians following the death of his mother. Though they look old, they personify the term "looks are deceving", as Bill is a deadly martial artist, while Linda owns a minigun.
  • Burke (David Kaye) - Cera's father. He is fiercely protective of her. Woe to the person, Dalek, or cyborg who even threatens her, as they quickly find themselves at the wrong end of a rocket launcher, against which even Daleks have no defense. He often has idealistic clashes with Bill, due to Bill being a Democrat, while Burke is a Republican.
  • Tress (Tress MacNeille) - Ducky's mother, and Spike's adoptive mother. A kindly, attentive figure, she is skilled with a katana.
  • Bron (Kiefer Sutherland) - Littlefoot's biological father and Bill and Linda's son-in-law. He was away fighting the Daleks on the frontline before returning to Sutherland, only to find it abandoned and infested with Daleks, before finding his way to Great Valley. He loves his son very much, and feels bad for not being around when his mother died.
  • Chomper's parents (Christopher Sabat and Trina Nishamura) - Cyborgs who counteracted the mind-control and rescued their son before the first incision was even made, they intend to use the Daleks' own technology against them.


If you don't know who the Daleks are, Google it. All Daleks in the series are voiced by Nicholas Briggs.

Dalek Command[]

  • Davros (Terry Molloy) - Lord and Creator of the Daleks. A megalomaniac crippled in a shuttle crash, Davros created the Daleks to further his own ambitions. He leads the Daleks from the main command ship of the Dalek fleet. To date, none of the main characters have met him, let alone even heard of him.
  • Cult of Skaro - A quartet of Daleks. Unlike other Daleks, who are identified by a number, each has a name: Sec, Caan, Thay, and Jast. They are a commando unit meant to think like the enemy.

Cyborg Agents[]

Humans captured and partially roboticized. Androids looking like T-Rexes are also commonplace and are used to fill gaps in Dalek patrols. The cyborgs often refer to the main characters as "juvenile organics".

  • Sharptooth (Frank Welker) - The first cyborg Littlefoot and his friends encountered. Sharptooth was responsible for killing Littlefoot's mother, as well as most of the population of Sutherland. He was defeated by Littlefoot and his friends, and was exterminated by the Daleks for his failures, but later resurrected when his brain was placed in a T-Rex android, vowing revenge on the "juvenile organics".
  • Ozzy and Strut (Jeff Bennett and Rob Paulsen, respectively) - A pair of androids whose mission was to break into the hospital and bomb the maternity ward to eliminate future generations. Both were killed by Chomper's parents.
  • Dil and Ichy (Tress MacNeille and Jeff Bennett, respectively) - A cyborg and a robot bird who had an identical mission to Sharptooth. Unfortunately, they both argued alot. Dil was short-circuited by water during a daring operation by Ali to rescue Cera, while Ichy got stuck in the hollow trunk of a fallen tree and was captured and reprogrammed to serve as an aerial spy. Ichy HATES being compared to the Decepticon Laserbeak from Transformers.

Other Antagonists[]

  • Pterano/Michael (Michael York) - Petrie's uncle, who was exiled from Sutherland for abandoning his followers to Daleks. He later returned to find the Stone of Cold Fire (which later turned out to be nothing more than a metallic meteorite), and was exiled anew, but only for five years. He championed the use of jetpacks in the war against the Daleks. Pterano will do anything to make ends meet, but draws the line at hurting kids, since, in his words, "the Resistance hunts malcontents like us, as well as Daleks".
  • Rinkus and Sierra (Rob Paulsen and Jim Cummings, respectively) - Ex-Dalek androids who serve Pterano. They intended to steal the Stone of Cold Fire for themselves, and turned on Pterano when the stone turned out to be a metallic meteorite. They were destroyed by Littlefoot and Ali in a firefight.
  • Red Claw (Pete Sepenuk) - An ex-Dalek Cyborg who nevertheless has a lust for power. He captured Ruby, and intended to torture her for information about a vault full of superweapons, but escaped, and found a teleporter. Red Claw now terrorizes Great Valley on a regular basis. However, because he still uses his original brain, he is suspect to human failings and is considered more of a delusional fool than a serious threat.
  • Thud and Screech (Frank Welker) - Red Claw's android minions. They are incompetent fools who can't do anything right.

Other Characters[]

  • The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) - A Time Lord from Gallifrey and the Daleks' greatest and oldest enemy. He occassionally shows up in Great Valley, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about the Daleks.


All character designs were created by Animedalek1 on DeviantArt. All credit for these drawings go to him. I claim no credit.

Child Militia[]



Cyborg Agents[]

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