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The Poseidon Adventure is a Tezuka-anime remake of the 1972 disaster film also based on the novel by Paul Gallico.


The S.S. Poseidon is set to be retired and scrapped after picking up passengers from New York. The ship begins its long sail to Athens. Everyone aboard the ship was preparing for the new year. Halfway through the Atlantic Ocean on New Years Eve, an underwater nuclear explosion is reported but one of the captain's officers refuses to believe it. The ship's captain, George Haig is called up to the bridge and is radioed by Athens that the underwater explosion produced a dangerous threat to the Poseidon. Just when the New Year comes, a 100 ft tidal wave hits the Poseidon and capsizes it.


15 members of the crew and passengers will survive and have to find their way out of the sinking Poseidon ship.

  • Reverend Frank Scott (voiced by Tsutomu Isobe) - The church reverend who believes God will help those who help themselves. He gave a sermon just before the new years party.
  • Det. Lt. Mike Rogo (voiced by Yoshisada Sakagushi) - A cop who is planning to visit Italy with his arguing wife Linda.
  • Damon Jarvis (voiced by Katsuhisa Hoki) - A former United States president who is retiring to Europe.
  • Jane Carrigan (voiced by Toshiko Fujita) - A journalist who is on her way to Africa to give an interview to the Egyptian President.
  • Janos Gobayr (modeled after Duke Red) (voiced by Tessho Genda) - Ex-Hungary army general on his way to Hungary to protest communism.
  • Black Jack (voiced by Sho Hayami) - Hired to be the S.S. Poseidon's doctor. After performing an operation hopes to celebrate the new year with his little assistant, Pinoko.
  • Rock (voiced by Koki Okada) - Best friend of Simon Rogo. He has an eye for the ship's singer, Jenny Crowley. Rock is on his last week of school winter break when he boarded the Poseidon.
  • Purser Ham Egg (voiced by Masashi Ebara) - He was the MC of the New Years party. After the ship capsized, he ordered the passengers with him to stay with him until help arrives. Only select don't listen to him.