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The Smash Brotherhood is an anime series based on the Super Smash Brothers games by Nintendo. It will include the major characters and locations found in the games as well as characters from respective universes. The plot will follow along the lines of different game franchises as well as Story and Classic Modes from the Super Smash Bros. games.

Major Characters[]

  • Mario-An italian plumber who works in Toad Town and lives just outside of it. He uses punches and has the ability to conjure red fireballs for battle.
  • Luigi-He is the younger brother of Mario. He is cowardly, but alwasy there to support his brother. He uses his fists and long legs to battle and can launch green fireballs from his hands.
  • Yoshi-He is the pet dinosaur of Mario with a very long tongue. He can turn people and things he swallows into eggs which he can fire at others.
  • DK-A large, tie wearing gorilla who has impressive strength
  • Diddy Kong-He is Donkey Kong's little buddy and goes on many adventures with his larger counterpart
  • Pauline-She is Mario's girlfriend at the beginning of the series. She has a very forgiving personality, but is not very good at fighting herself.
  • Samus-She is a strong space bounty hunter with a large arsenal built right into her power suit.
  • Captain Falcon-He is a professional racer and bounty hunter who can call upon fiery attacks, such as the Falcon Punch. He often butts heads with Samus.
  • Kirby-A warrior whose copy ability can absorb nearly any enemy's power.
  • Link-The Hero of Time who never says many words...or any at all for that matter.
  • Ness-He is a child psychic who lives a simple life in his home town, Onett
  • Lucas-He is another child psychic who lives in the Nowhere Islands. He pursues the Masked Man to Onett where he meets and befriends Ness and a stranded Captain Falcon
  • Fox McCloud-He is a mercenary and pilot for Star Fox, hailing from the planet Coneria.
  • Falco Lombardi-He is Fox's wingman
  • Wolf O'Donnell-He is Fox's rival, even having his own rival team of mercenaries
  • Pokemon Trainer Red-He is an aspiring trainer who travels with his Pikachu and his Jigglypuff

Other Characters[]

  • Cranky Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Mr. Saturn
  • Peppy Hare
  • Slippy Toad
  • Boss-He is the owner of Silph Co.


  • Master Hand
  • Crazy Hand
  • Tabuu
  • Jumpman/Mario-Jumpman is Mario alternate personality. He is unaware that he and Jumpman are the same person.
  • Masked Man/Claus-The Masked Man is a villain that Lucas pursues. He does not know that he is secretly his twin, Claus.
  • Leon Powalski-He is the second memebr of Star Wolf
  • Andrew Oikonny-He is a greedy member of Star Wolf
  • Pigma Dengar-He is a member of Star Wolf
  • Giovanni-He is the leader of the gangster organization Team Rocket
  • Elite Four

Story Arcs[]

The 8 Hand Picked-Master Hand begins gathering fighters from across many worlds. He witnesses Mario and Donkey Kong first, seeing the ape captured by Jumpman and taken to the city where he escapes with the help of Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong lashes out and kidnaps Pauline and takes her to the construction site where Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are working. Mario and the ape fight and Mario wins. Mario recieves the first Smash Brotherhood invitation. He nexts witnesses Samus pursueing Ridley, but is struck by Kirby on his Warp Star. Crashing in Mute City, she squares off against Captain Falcon before reaching her ship. She takes off and gets a message inviting her to the brotherhood, which Captain Falcon piggybacks. Samus runs into Kirby again on a distant planet and they battle before teaming up. Meanwhile, Young Link rushes through the Zora Domain to return to princess Zelda, only to find her fleeing the castle. He fights Ganondorf only to be interrupted by Star Fox battling Star Wolf. Young Link is defeated by Ganondorf and Star Fox and Star Wolf's battle moves elsewhere. Samus and Kirby escape the planet and get caught up in the fight between Star Fox and Star Wolf. Fox pursues them. Meanwhile, Captain Falcon wrecks in Onett where he meets Ness and Lucas. Ness accompanies him to the location of the Smash Brotherhood. Pokemon Trainer, Red, after recently defeating the Elite Four recieves a Brotherhood invite for his Pikachu.

The Great Gathering-Mario and Luigi, riding on Yoshi, find a portal opened for them to he location of the gathering. Along the way, Master Hand kidnaps Luigi, saying that he did not recieve an invite to the Brotherhood. Mario saves Yoshi, saying he is a vehicle, technically. DK follows them, but Master Hands says that his presence might prove useful. Samus, Kirby and Fox all fly into an open portal in space, flying to the gathering. Captain Falcon and Ness, in the Blue Falcon, finally catch up to Samus and follow them. They two are taken by Master Hand, as neither of them got an invite. Kirby, Fox and Samus fight Master Hands minions, the Fighting Polygon Team. Proving their worth, Fox and Kirby earn their stay. Red enters a portal with his Pikachu and an extra ball with Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is confiscated. Young Link, after drawing the Master Sword, grows to an adult and finds a portal in the Light Temple. Everyone gather together at the Battlefield and separate quarrels brak out. The Announcer tells them all that they've been gathered for a battle tournament. Mario questions this, resulting in Yoshi being kidnapped by Fighting Polygons. To win Yoshi Back, Mario must fight Link.

The Battle Begins-Mario loses against Link and is forced to sit out for the next fight, which has a so-called Team Yoshi attack. Mario, suspicious, starts snooping around, but comes into conflict with Fox. Master Hand discovers Mario and Mario is taken away. Master hand sets up the next stage, which is a contest the Announcer calls "Break the Targets."