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Wish that I can talk to you is the third episode of Problems With Music.



The first part of the episode gives out some information about the life and career of the Sylvers being a quartet group at a young age and their father abandoning in the 1960s.


The second part of the episode shows the Sylvers, now moved in to Nickerson Gardens recording two hits in Verve Records (Come on give me a chance and I'm just a lonely soul) until signing with MGM in 1971. 

Additionally, the Sylvers performed a song from their debut album "Wish that I could talk to you" on Soul Train in 1972.


  • A few scenes and musical numbers that were going to be used for have been cut because of time conspiracy.
  • This includes the episode intending to end with the Osmond Brothers singing One Bad Apple in the credits and the Jacksons dancing with the Sylvers to Diana Ross' version of the song, Ain't no mountain high enough

Musical numbers[]

Song performance references from real life[]

  • Wish that I could talk to you: [1]