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Timmy's School Adventure: Heroes Unite (ティミーの学校の冒険: ヒーローたちが団結 Timī no Gakkō no Bōken: Hīrō-tachi ga Danketsu?) is an anime movie based on The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue. The movie is produced by Studio Ghibli and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


Timmy Brisby, a young, courageous mouse, befriends Cindy, a kind-hearted human girl, who takes him to school with her. They develop a strong bond and become close friends. On the last day of school, a mischievous bully named Parker causes trouble, jeopardizing the school and its students. Parker's misbehavior and disruptive actions have consequences, leading to a conflict with the school principal, Mr. Griswold, and the teacher, Mrs. Schwartz. This conflict involves Parker consistently disrupting class and causing trouble that affects the school's environment and spirit.

Timmy and Cindy stumble upon an old book or artifact that holds a secret power. This power transports them into a shared dream world, where they encounter challenges and obstacles that reflect the issues they face in reality. In the dream world, Timmy and Cindy must work together, along with their diverse group of friends, to overcome the challenges and save their school from the negative influence of Parker's actions. This involves solving puzzles, facing symbolic obstacles, and discovering the strength of their friendship.

As Timmy, Cindy, and their friends navigate the dream world, they learn important life lessons about friendship, empathy, and the consequences of their actions. This character development helps them grow individually and strengthens their bond. Through their newfound understanding and personal growth, they find a way to resolve the conflict with Parker peacefully, leading to a change of heart in Parker. This showcases the power of compassion and understanding in dealing with bullies.

The resolution of the story highlights the unity and positive change within the school. The students come together, appreciating the importance of friendship and respect, while the principal reestablishes order and implements measures to prevent future disruptions.