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Toei Sakurai/Magi Mazenta
Toei human form
Name Toei Sakurai/Magi Mazenta
Race American
Birthdate October 29
Age 11-12
Eyes Brown (Toei)

Golden Brown (Mazenta)

Hair Dark Brown (Toei)

Auburn (Mazenta)

Professional Status
Occupation All kinds of sports, reading, watching shows and/or movies, playing games
Partner Andy and Annie
Personal Status
Relatives Seiji Sakurai (father)

Mary Sakurai (mother) Irene Sakurai (sister) Sotaru Sakurai, Sugeru Sakurai, Cilan Claar (uncle) Diana Eigo, Ingrid Itawa, Flora Sakurai, Alina Claar (aunts) Sharena Itawa, Ira Itawa, Futaba Itawa, Elise Sakurai, Llianna Sakurai, Camilla Sakurai, Xander Claar, Hilda Claar, Natalie Claar (cousins)

Toei Sakurai (桜井東映 Sakurai Toei) is the protagonist of Solid Heart Memory, Solid Heart Silver, Solid Heart Shadows, and Solid Heart Prism. Her alter ego as a magical cleric is Magi Mazenta (マギ マゼンタ Magi Mazenta) and aims to become a star athlete. She is voiced by Aoi Yuuki in Japanese, and Christine Marie Cabanos in English.



In civillan form, Toei has light skin, dark brown hair that comes down to her chest, and brown eyes. She mostly wears a purple cheerleader uniform with ribbons all around, and a violet bow on her head. She also wears a magenta medallion.

As Magi Mazenta, Toei's hair grows to her waist in pigtails with white bows and brightens to auburn brown. She wears a purple lolita dress with a blue bow and the same medallions in her casual outfit. She wields the Golden Crystal, a staff, and attaches it to her bow in the back.




  • Toei is named after the anime studio Toei Animation, while her last name is named after Masahiro Sakurai, creator of the Kirby and Super Smash Bros franshises.
  • According to episode 39, Toei is allergic to cats.
  • Both of her actresses in Japanese and English voice Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.