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Tom & Jerry-San, and Polly-Chan
Tom and Jerry-San, and Polly-Chan

Director(s) Takaharu Okuma
No. of episodes 26
Run time 24 min.
Animation Studio WB Animation Japan
Toei Animation
Network Tokyo MX
English Network WB Kids

Tom & Jerry-San, and Polly-Chan is an anime series adaption of Tom & Jerry made by WB Animation Japan, and Toei Animation.


The series revolves on Tom & Jerry where they live with an owner "Polly-Chan", a little girl who owns Tom as her pet cat. Jerry lives in his own home in Polly's house, and Tom's job is to get Jerry since Polly is afraid of mice.

Each episode focuses on the classic fashion from the cartoons, and the duo helping Polly and her family.


Main Characters[]

  • Tom
  • Jerry
  • Polly-Chan: The young little girl, and the owner of Tom.
  • Hana Nono


  • Toddles: A female cat and Tom's love interest.
  • Tuffy: Jerry's little baby nephew.
  • Noodle: A rat from the dumpster, and Jerry's friend.
  • Spike: A bulldog and Tom's arch nemesis.
  • Tyke: Spike's young son who he watches over.
  • Butch: Tom's alley cat friend, and is the leader of the alley.
  • Lightning: One of Tom's alley cat friends, who is very fast at catching mice.
  • Topsy: One of Tom's alley cat friends, and the smallest of the cats.

Polly's Family[]

  • Polly's Mom
  • Polly's Dad
  • Jenny-Chan: Polly's older sister who likes to talk on the phone all day.
  • Junior-San: Polly's young baby brother who wanders out of the house, and Tom & Jerry have to bring him bach home.
  • Uncle Lester: Polly's uncle and next door neighbor who is jelous of Tom for failing to catch Jerry.

Polly's Friends[]

  • Jeen-San: Polly's love interest she admires.
  • Yuko: One of Polly's female classmates.
  • Hellen: One of Polly's female classmates.
  • Sheen: The bully who picks on Polly for fun, but Tom & Jerry come in to save her.

Opening Intro[]

The intro revives the Japanese version of the theme song, that was used in Japanese re-runs of the classic cartoons.