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Tomohiko Kazami was one of the class officers of 9th Grade Class 3 in Kouichi Sakakibara's class, along with Yukari Sakuragi (Brittney Karbowski) and later Izumi Akazawa (Jessica Boone) after Yukari's death. He is voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki in the original Japanese dub and Joshua Grelle in the American English dub.


Tomohiko appears to have short dark blue hair and blue eyes. He wears spectacles with green frames in the anime. In the manga, he has the same appearance. He is usually seen wearing the school male standard uniform.


He has a very serious nature, especially about his work. It is shown that he and Naoya Teshigawara (Christopher Patton) have been friends since they were young. He was initially warm and welcoming to Kouichi (Gregory Ayres). When Yukari Sakuragi died, he became emotionally unstable, which amplified when Naoya threw him over the balcony, mistaking him for the extra student. Since then, he harbored a hatred and bitterness towards Kouchi so strong that he is one of the few members of the class that doesn't join in on the witch hunt for Mei Misaki (Monica Rial).


Tomohiko first appeared in the story, with Yukari Sakuragi and Izumi Akazawa at the hospital. They were there to visit the patient, Kouichi Sakakibara as class representatives of Yomi North and wanted to express their welcome to him. Tomohiko personally sent Kouichi notes in order to help him keep up with the class' current curriculum. When Kouichi arrived in school, Izumi was absent from class prompting Tomohiko and Naoya Teshigawara, to give Kouichi the class tour. He among many of Class 3-3 were trying to keep Kouichi from acknowledging Mei Misaki as part of a charm to keep the school from suffering an annual calamity, which causes students and their relatives to die one by one. The calamity eventually came and Yukari Sakuragi was the first to die, falling down the stairs and impaling/stabbing her throat by her own umbrella. While he has seldom appeared in the anime since then, he didn't show true prominence until the class trip, where Naoya Teshigawara threw him over the Inn Balcony during the class trip, under the false assumption that he was the extra (dead) student of the year. He survived with a severe head injury and figured out that in order to stop the calamity the extra must die. While his first guess was Kouichi Sakakibara, he killed, murdered, slaughtered, and massacred two other students in an attempt at trial and error. When he met Kouichi he tried to kill and destroy him too, also holding him responsible for the death of Yukari. Kouichi tries to defend himself while trying to provide information regarding the calamity, which Kazami angrily denies the truth. He overwhelms Kouichi, but Izumi kills him before he could finish him off. The blow he suffered, though proved to be fatal as Teshigawara finds out when his corpse is placed outside by Chibiki.


  • Mr. Kazami (father)
  • Mrs. Kazami (mother)
  • Two unnamed sisters


  • Tomohiko Kazami is the first and only male villain in the anime series.
  • In the manga, Tomohiko has two sisters.
  • Before Joshua Grelle was cast, John Travolta, S. Scott Bullock, Alan Tudyk, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jason Segel, Matthew Hill, Peter New, Trevor Devall, Colin Murdock, Samuel Vincent, Brian Dobson, Richard Ian Cox, Peter MacNicol, William Baldwin, Santino Fontana, Scott Menville, and William Arnett were considered to voiced Tomohiko Kazami in the American English dub.