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Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015) is a new cartoon series. 

Season 1: Has already started


Season 1[]

Episode 1: A 'Bot's Best Friend: After Sideswipe saves Bumblebee's live, the scout promises to do anything he says. But Bumblebee's helpfulness gets a little out of hand and Sideswipe gets annoyed.

Episode 2: Super Fixit: Desiring to help out in missions, Fixit dons a cape and goggles to become a superhero.

Episode 3: Captain Ninja and Bee Man: When Bumblebee and Sideswipe team up to become superheroes, their heroice antics annoy everyone in the scrapyard, Denny and Russell included. But the two superhero wannabes are soon called into a real adventure, saving Fixit, who has fallen off a cliff and is now stranded on a ledge.

Episode 4: Sideswipe the Astronaut: Sideswipe finds an old Space helmet and Russell Clay suggests that Sideswipe should play Astronauts with him. The two make a cardboard spaceshipe and pretend to fly to space and go to different planets. Sideswipe has great time and dreams of one day becoming an astronaut.

Episode 5: Bumblebee the Police Bot: Bumblebee watches a television show on police and decides to become a police bot.

Episode 6: Slipstream to the Rescue: After Bumblebee gets stuck to a magnet, Slipstream must do the best he can to save him.