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Story by

Akira Jotaro


Akira Jotaro


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月明かり: 桜の声


Tsukiakari: Sakura no Koe

Alternate title

Moonlight: Voice of the Cherry Blossoms

Music by

Akira Yamaoka



Running time

91 minutes





Tsukiakari: Voice of the Cherry Blossom (月明かり: 桜の声, Tsukiakari: Sakura no Koe) is a film written and directed by Akira Jotaro as a 3D animated movie based off the survival horror game, Tsukiakari by Aozora, using a different story and different characters but using a similar plot.


After Nanami's fiance, an occultist named Shun, had lost his memories during his trip in Shima-no-Zakura (Island of Cherry Blossoms) and was brought back to Tokyo, Nanami had decided to go investigate the island to find the reason for Shun's memory loss, since there was no evidence of any damage to his head. Before heading out to Shima-no-Zakura, Nanami had brought along Shun's ghost hunting gear along with her. After a week in Shima-no-Zakura, Nanami had returned home to Tokyo with the reason behind Shun's memory loss but, she had also returned with bandages covering her eyes so she cannot see and an occultist named Yamato helping her walk. Seeing her sister Nanami in a horrible condition, Aya was worried and had asked Nanami why she was like that, avoiding the subject, Nanami told Aya to stay as far away from the island as possible, but Aya was so worried and curious that she had took off Nanami's bandages and then Nanami had began to hallucinate, screaming in pain and fear of seeing what she believes is the vision of tortured souls. After two long weeks, Aya had began to stop visiting Nanami and Shun, and had gathered Shun's ghost hunting gear and headed towards a town in an island near to Shima-no-Zakura had rought talismans that was sold in an old shop there. Now fully set and willing, Aya had went into Shima-no-Zakura and had found an old castle in the middle of the island and entered it, willing to see what had made Shun lose his memories and made Nanami blinded by the dead.


Aya Shirayuki Fumiko Orikasa
Nanami Shirayuki Maaya Sakamoto
Shun Asuka Akira Ishida
Mr. Asuka Fumihiko Tachiki
Detective Keiji Sakaki Gackt