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Uehara Nana is the older sister of Uehara Ayaka and the coach of the Uehara boxing gym ran by her father which she lives with him and her sister in the apartment.


Nana is an average person in terms of height with long brown hair and brown eyes. Compared to her younger sister, who is tanned, Nana is fairly pale which makes it look like Ayaka could be adopted or Nana could be adopted. She wears a purple hoodie, purple sweatpants and sneakers.


She is a kind person. Unlike Ayaka, she appears to like training and boxing. She is very intense about training, like dropping a weight ball on her sisters stomach.


She and her sister Ayake wre trained in boxing by their father since it helped them get over their grief of their mother's death.

She became friends with Macho Naruzo and Sakura Ibuki since High School.


After witnessing Hibiki break a punching bag, she decided to try to train Hibiki as a boxer.

She sometimes teaches at Silverman's gym, due to her gym being crowded and it having the apartment she lives in within the gym.


She is good at training other people in boxing as she has trained plenty of people that have then became professionals.