Ultimo is a 2009 anime series based on the manga series created by Hiroyuki Takei. It is a Saturday morning cartoon.


One thousand years ago in Kyuto in the lab of the mad scientist Dr Dunstan two androids are built. There is one good and one evil. The good ones name is Ultimo. The evil ones name is Vice. The two of them were made to fight eachother. One thousand years later in Farmless city Ultimo fights a monster. The monster is really Vice and the two fight eachother. A really bad blow sends Ultimo to the Himalayas and Vice to China.

Episodes of season 1.

Episode 1 Karakuridoji part 1

Episode 2 Karaukuridoji part 2

Episode 3 The Vice Master

Episode 4 Ultimo's back!

Episode 5 Uh oh!

Episode 6 We're doomed!

Episode 7 Ultimo to the rescue part 1

Episode 8 Ultimo to the rescue part 2

Episode 9 Ultimo to the rescue part 3

Episode 10 I really hate The Vice Master

Episode 11 Wa hoo!!

Episode 12 Dr Dunstan?

Episode 13 The Final battle? part 1

Episode 14 The Final Battle? part 2