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Ushinawareta ningyo
Format Magical girl
Created by IchokaSuzumi666
Writer(s) IchokaSuzumi666
Director(s) IchokaSuzumi666
No. of episodes 40 (none aired so far)
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-Y7-FV (Edited)
TV-14 (Uncut)
English Network Totally Anime Channel (Edited)
The Viz (Uncut)
First aired TBA

Ushinawareta ningyo (失われた人魚, literally "Lost mermaid") is a series created by IchokaSuzumi666. Like some anime, it has 2 versions. There's an edited version rated TV-Y7-FV, but the Uncut version is rated TV-14.


Hiromi is a mermaid who, one day, comes to Zakuropolis, Japan. She can transform into her mermaid form whenever she needs to, and can even be human in the water if she wants! But there's no time for that. The ocean is being attacked by a duo of water demons whose names are Yukari and Yuji, and it'll take one mermaid with rare superpowers to defeat them and their servants while trying to find her allies..... and trying to spend time with her boyfriend!

Fictuous Voice List[]

Character Seiyu English Cast (Edit) English Cast (Uncut)
Hiromi Asumi Nakata Wendee Lee Colleen Clinkenbeard
Yoshikazu Daisuke Kishio Todd Haberkorn Scott McCord
Shizuka Ryoko Shintani Rachael Lillis Brina Palencia
Yukari Kana Ueda Alexis Tipton Michelle Ruff
Yuji Chihiro Kusaka Ian Sinclair Greg Ayers
Rikuto Daisuke Kirii Sam Riegel Patrick Seitz
Nobuko Hitomi Terakado Brittney Karbowski Amy Palant
Midori Mayumi Asano Amy Birnbaum Christine Auten
Kyoko Ryoko Nagata Luci Christian Emilie Claire-Barlow
Izumi Ema Kogure Amanda Brown Jessica Boone
Aiko Satomi Arai Kath Soucie Hilary Haag
Erina Eri Kitamura Laura Bailey Stephanie Anne Mills


Nudity during transformations was covered. Bad language and blood were both removed.



Openings and Endings[]