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Get rid of your own weakness, or Die.
Valeria Lindbergh


December 5, 1993

Age 16 in her debut
Age 18 in Fighter's Road
Age 21 in Awakening
Age 22 in Gaiden
Age 17 in The Raven.


177cm (5' 9.8") -> 180cm (5' 11") -> 183cm (6' 0")


54kg (119lbs) -> 59kg (130lbs) -> 64kg (141lbs)




Green (Formerly the Two, now Left Eye only -VSRFX and VSRFX2-)
Red (Right, due to the effects of Red Eye. Full -VSRFX3-)




Allen Lindbergh (Father)
Meiko Yuuki/May Lindbergh (Mother)
Claude Lindbergh (Older Brother)
Mina Lindbergh (Cousin)
Balder Bryant (Adoptive Future Son)
Astrid Lindbergh (Clone/Adoptive Future Daughter)
Arthur Lindbergh and Valentine Lindbergh (Nephews)
Seirah Meyrink and Valerie Lindbergh (Granddaughters)
Vega and Jubilee (Clones)

Valeria Lindbergh (real surname: Lane) is the Main Protagonist of the VSRFX series. She, unlike the majority of protagonists who are on the side of good, she’s ambiguous, and can be either in the side of good or the side of evil.


Valeria is very tall for her age, she has beige skin, mid long black hair and due to being implanted a special limiter on her right eye, its red, and the left one is still green since her born. Her style of clothing is usually a Black Jacket, White long shirt, Dark Blue Jeans, black sneakers and black fingerless gloves, in VSRFX2; she has chains on her arms through her hands, and shorter sleeves on her jacket, however, since the Ending of VSRFX2 and other future appearances (Sans crossovers of course but averted in In-Verse Chronicles All-Stars, except for titles after 2014) she changed all her old attire in favor of a new one, she has a tomboyish short hair with a little ponytail resembling those from spiritual warriors, she has now a White long Jacket, black short shirt, white broken pants, White shoes with gold buckles, her skin became pale, she now has scars around her entire body, and her eyes are now fully red color.

In The Raven, she adopted an hybrid between her Fighter's Road attire and her original Attire.


Valeria before her brainwashing and subsequent change, was just like other girls from her age, she was happy, cheerful but sarcastic too, however, since her brainwashing and all her youth, she became aggressive, enjoys fights as “the only thing that she wants”, and is foul-mouthed, also, she has no remorse in killing people that betrays or uses her, and leaving alive those people who are weak according to her, but also prefers using her feet and her bare hands before any weapons (later hates only guns), also she’s a little antisocial, preferring to solve problems by herself rather than others helping her (this is a façade, sometimes.), but Valeria has a code of honor when she determines who’s right or wrong, also she likes adding surnames to her pals and enemies, such as “sh*thead” for Caleb and Arcadia in general, “Lame”, “Big bro” or “Claudius” for Claude. A Drastic change in her personality on VSXRF3 when she became more addicted to fighting due to having the influence, but has more sanity than in her youth days.


Claude Lindbergh[]

Valeria and Claude have a sibling relationship, also being total opposites, Valeria is the Wild, impulsive and the "Death Bringer", and Claude is the Calm, educated and the "Hope Bringer" according to the Phantom Phoenix employees in the first Story, they will support themselves for the greatest, also they're pretty much united alongside Mina and Mr. Big.

Mina Lindbergh[]

Their Relationship starts strangely, but since Mina remembers Valeria very well when they're little. She's very supportive of the Lindbergh Family, specially with the brothers and since they were few Lindbergh who exist in the Timeline, and also, they're both good at sarcasm and acts as the Alternative Mentor.

Ran Howard[]

At first, Valeria and Ran weren't in good terms because she believed that Valeria is the one who killed Nick (Ran's Father), however, despite this, Ran accepted Valeria's friendship and despite having Crimson Flames, Valeria respects her due to having similar circumstances, but with great differences, also is her Rival.

Elisa Delgado[]

Elisa and Valeria were good friends since the first saved her, despite Elisa being a policewoman and Valeria a subject for artificial humanoid killing machine, but Valeria was suspicious of her during her detention, but in the last minutes, they're truly good friends.

Nagi Hisame[]

At first, they weren't good friends because he thinks that Valeria was a Threat for the world, however, after losing for Valeria during the Starting Match, later the two were the best allies.

Haizea Velano[]

Valeria and Haizea have a good relationship as Student and Mentor respectively.

Charlie Vernon[]

Valeria and Charlie are good friends and respecting each other, also when she needs help from a geek, Charlie's here.

Allen Lane and May Lindbergh[]

Out of much respect, Valeria actually admires her father and mother very well despite her demeanor, and she has a respect for the older people in general.

Balder Bryant and Astrid Lindbergh[]

They're Valeria's adoptive sons and threats them as good as possible, Balder followed Valeria's Teachings and Astrid had the very same personality as Valeria.

Marcel Adler[]

Valeria comes to despise the entire Phantom Phoenix group with her own heart for changing her into a battle monster. In The Raven, Marcel thinks that Valeria can be his successor, but she hates this statement.

Valeria Clones[]

Her clones weren't in good terms with the original. Vega is a sadomasochistic one and Jubilee a bipolar one. And those bother her.

Crossover Characters[]

Her relation with the Crossover Characters such as Vanessa Luxaloss and Alexa Maxwell are pretty good, and also, respect, actually, despite she doesn't mind that, actually the Heroes also respect her (Exceptions exist such as some of the Lawful Characters, Some of the Villains, and various of the Government), and even they call her as one of the Legendary Heroes, she doesn't mind it either.


  • Her attitude and demeanor (Especially in VSRFX and The Raven) resembles Akuma/Gouki from the Street Fighter series, due to both wanting a strong opponent to fight them to death, and both hate the weak, however, Valeria is more emotional than Akuma, due to the latter rarely displays any sign of Emotions. She also resembles a bit of Cody Travers, more so in the SF incarnation rather than the Final Fight one, due to seeing fighting as the best way to relieve the boredom, also being Delinquents.
  • Valeria’s Alignment is Neutral according to her friends and Claude, and Evil according to the Government.
  • Brilliant Company confirmed that she can be Chaotic Good, True Neutral, or Chaotic Neutral depending on the POV of other characters or the reader.
  • Despite being an Anti-Villain Protagonist on VSRFX3, she’s genuinely shocked when she saw her dad being Alive, Allen, would have the same reaction later when Jubilee almost hanged her (Almost killed her).
  • The only times that Valeria was defeated were in 3 Canon Instances.
    • VS. Ran Howard in VSRFX Gaiden - For that Kind Person
    • VS. Allen Lindbergh in VSXRF3 - Awakening (The Final Fight of VSRFX canon)
    • VS. Jubilee in VSRFX3 - Awakening (When she was out of control, almost Killing Valeria)
  • Alexa Maxwell from Dream Revolution and a The Adventures of Vanessa side story was her base and early concept before retconned in two separate characters.
  • In the Pilot, Valeria was friendly open and used weapons for fight, also she was 15 years old, educated and have her parents alive, of course, this is later added in Valeria’s Alternate timeline self.
    • Also in the Pilot she used White lies, The Actual Valeria doesn’t lie, even at sarcasm.
  • Her Partner in the In-Verse All-Stars series at first is her brother Claude; however, taking VSRFX2 in consideration, her partner here is Ran.
  • If tropes are used, Valeria’s corresponding Anti-Hero trope could be Either Nominal Hero or Unscrupulous hero.
  • She’s the Red Oni to Claude’s Blue Oni, Ran is the Red Oni to Valeria’s Blue Oni.
    • She’s also the Dragon to Ran’s Tiger in VSRFX Gaiden.