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The Violet Ribbon Army was a secret right-wing palamilitary organization that gathers most of the major villains and later the main villains in Equestria Girls series, Spider-Man series, and Harry Potter series, rivaling the Death Eater, the Sinister Six, and the Dazzlings. It was founded by Lena Weatherly's late husband Kyle Weatherly, and Janice Weatherly (nee Storm) with Katrina Weatherly as their leader, though her real maiden was revealed to be Katrina Walls, prior her marriage with Kyle's older brother Warren Weatherly. It was briefly renamed as the Purple Ribbon Army when Nancy Weatherly (nee Chalk) briefly took over the organization after Katrina Weatherly's apparent demise during the events of Equestria Girls: Bayonets and Purple Roses.

Members and Status[]

  • Katrina Weatherly (leader)
  • Warren Weatherly (deceased)
  • Clyde Weatherly (deceased)
  • Jonah Weatherly (deceased)
  • Ferdinand "Fauntleroy" Donaldson
  • Gary Weatherly
  • Janice Weatherly (nee Storm)
  • Irene Weatherly
  • Lena Weatherly
  • Darlene Weatherly
  • Donna Weatherly
  • Andrew Weatherly
  • Ashton Weatherly

Former members[]

  • Kyle Weatherly (former leader and original founder, deceased)
  • Nancy Weatherly (deceased)
  • Andrea Weatherly (defected)
  • Ingrid Weatherly (defected)
  • Jane Stern (defected)
  • Dana Stern (defected)
  • Samantha Weatherly (defected)
  • Melvin Stern (defected)
  • Lucille Chalk (defected)
  • Jesse Stern (defected)
  • Michael Oswalt (defected)
  • Peter Oliver (defected)
  • Caroline Stern (defected)

Unofficial Members and Status[]

  • Miranda Weatherly (defected)
  • Augustus Raven (defected)
  • Dennis Raven (defected)
  • Dustin Raven (defected)
  • Naomi Roswell (defected)
  • Alfred Roswell (defected)
  • Felicia Roswell (defected)
  • Noah Stern (deceased)
  • Kenneth Howard (defected)
  • Stanley Meeks (defected)
  • Jacob Roswell (defected)


  • Katrina Weatherly (nee Walls) - Nancy and Andrea Weatherly
  • Janice Weatherly (nee Storm) - Augustus Raven and Peter Oliver
  • Warren Weatherly - Katrina and Miranda Weatherly (Warren has set up the the entire fight)
  • Jonah Weatherly - Miranda Weatherly, Iron Will, and Fauntleroy Donaldson (Jonah has also set up the entire fight as well)
  • Nancy Weatherly (nee Chalk) - Dennis Raven
  • Miranda Weatherly - Fauntleroy Donaldson


  • In the original concept of Equestria Girls, the Violet Ribbon Army were supposed to be a group of villainous monsters without any human aspects as shown in Equestria Girls: Official Data Book. In the final concept, a few members carry abnormal characteristics that can be described as monstrous and demonic, such as Katrina Weatherly (nee Walls), Nancy Weatherly (nee Chalk), Fauntleroy Donaldson, Miranda Weatherly, Jonah Weatherly, Warren Weatherly, Kyle Weatherly, and Augustus Raven, and to lesser extant, Dennis Raven and Dustin Raven.
  • According to Noah Stern's goal, he used the Violet Ribbon Army, including Janice Weatherly (nee Storm) and Katrina Weatherly (nee Chalk) to revive their deceased brother-in-law Kyle Weatherly with dark magic.
  • They are inspired by the Red Ribbon Army from the original Dragon Ball series.