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Created by Larissa De Andrade França
Director(s) Yoshihide Ibata
Animation Studio Madhouse
Network TV Asahi (Japan)
Disney XD, Crunchyroll, Netflix (United States)
YTV (Canada)

Vivid★Blue is a science fiction-adventure anime series produced by Madhouse and OLM.


The series is set in a futuristic, technologically advanced world, and the story follows a group of talented individuals who possess unique abilities tied to the color blue, which represents hope, inspiration, and the vastness of the universe. The main protagonist, Sakura Aoki, is a spirited young girl who discovers her own extraordinary power related to the color blue. She embarks on a thrilling adventure with her newfound friends, each possessing their own distinct abilities associated with different shades and aspects of the color blue. The world they inhabit is filled with mystery and danger. As they journey together, they encounter enigmatic creatures, formidable enemies, and uncover a deep-rooted conflict threatening the balance of their world. With their combined powers and unwavering determination, the group strives to protect their home and restore harmony. The series explores themes of friendship, personal growth, and the importance of staying true to oneself. It also delves into the characters' internal struggles, as they grapple with the responsibility that comes with their powers and face difficult choices along their journey.


Main Characters[]

  • Sakura Aoki
  • Ryo Kirisaki
  • Aya Mizuki
  • Haruki Nakamura
  • Mei Tanaka
  • Renjiro Takahashi

Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


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