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Vivid Dragon Tales is an fanfic and anime series with 24 episodes. It is inspired by the fanfic "Tales of the Dragon" written by Cj Spencer. It takes place after the first Intermiddle in the Nanohaverse and follows Rio Wesley as she prepares with her friends to win the title of strongest fighter in Midchilda. However, a certain danger is coming for them and at that point its only way for salvation will prove being connected the legend of King Arthur and the fall of Camelot, the most obsecure periods of the ancient Belkan Unification Wars. The first Opening Theme "last fortune-DRAGON TALES mix-" will be sung by fripside. The first Ending Theme "Seeking Tales" will be sung by Eri Kitamura. The Opening Theme "joining forces-Dragonic mix-" will be sung by KANA. The Second Theme "Endless Tales" will be sung by Rei Yasuda.


Episode 1: Fragments of history[]

Rio and her friends are training for the upcoming tournaments, after that Corona talks with her of books about King Arthur and Camelot they read in the libary before their training. Carim took time to think about after reading a book about the fall of Camelot. She then read a Oracle that shows a horrifying prediction, sending her a unpleasant feeling. Arthur Pendragon looks at his ill sister Jamie in the hospital, who is connected to an endless number of medical devices, due to her body rejecting their ancestor's memories. Though the doctor was not sure about using an unorthodox method to save Jamie, Arthur was determined to save her. In Carnaaji, Caro, Erio and Lutecia were finished with their lunch when Friedrich, Caro's pet dragon, was showing signs of madness. Not only here, but other dragons in countless another worlds, including Alzus, were also having the same signs of madness. An young girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair whispered what Arthur has done as she saw a massive beam of light appearing from nowhere that violently pierces the skies and reaching the outer space.

Episode 2: 13 seconds[]

Rio and her friends are celebrating the last day of their training before the tournament. They check which Group they are in and who their opponents are before the Intermiddle Summer Cup starts. But when Vivio and Einhart entered the room worried, they show Rio and Corona the new rule about taking the loser's linker core that was a big no-no for them when they read it. They tell the others about it. They complain about the new rule after that. On the first day of the tournament, the first one were Group A athletes. Els was against Ashley D. Freichfras, but was defeated. The Group A Fight was over, the next was Group B. Miura was against Arthur Pendragon, she was the first to attack, but an unknown force punched her on the left side, shooting her out of the ring, shocking Rio and Corona.

Episode 3: Symbol of a Knight[]

Miura wakes up four hours after having been hit by an unknown force in infirmary room. It turns out that Arthur has made her magic inside her explode, which confuses Miura, Rio, Corona and the others, unable to find an explanation about what Arthur really did. The next day, the second matches of other group started with no more surprises as planned. Harry Tribeca was against Louis Agrevine, but lost when Louis Agrevine showed her what she is really capable of. During the last fight of the first turn of the matches, Nanoha and Hayate recognize Eveline Geis as General Geis's second daughter. After the first turn of the matches ended, Ashley and Louis have an conversation about their ancestors and Camelot. Evelin overheard their talk and couldn't help but worry.

Episode 4: Story of King Arthur and Camelot's Fall[]

Rio and Corona gather all of their friends to tell them about the history of King Arthur and the Fall of Camelot and also about what happened during the first turn of the matches, where Miura was knocked out by an unknown force, apparently by Arthur Pendragon and Viktoria's knowledge about the Pendragons. then Evelin arrives to their surprise with Mikaya. Evelin explains everything she overheard and her worries to them.

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