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Wwe anime roman reigns by clintcomics-da23jx5

A Poster Featuring Raw Superstar Roman Reigns, However, this art was made early in production and Roman Reigns is not a major character in the series.

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE:世界のレスリングエンターテインメント) is a Shonen Anime based off the WWE, A Wrestling Organization in the United States. It has been Animated by Toei Animation and published by both Viz Media and WWE Network. The series is broadcasted on the WWE Network, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Daisuki. The series also has several different Dubs, The Japanese Dub, The Viz Dub(Which features Veteran Voice Actors) and the WWE Network Dub(Which features an English Dub provided by The Actual WWE Wrestlers and Staff), there is also differences in dialogue and some Episodes are not Available on certain dubs.

Plot Synopsis[]

Arc 1: Hustle, Loyalty, Respect![]

After being ranked as the top face in WWE for over 12 years, he suddenly gets replaced in popularity by an export by the name of AJ Styles, he eventually gets into scuffles with AJ backstage, and they would have a personal feud that would end with a final match.

Arc 2: A Hugger's Lament[]

A Cutesy Face Diva gets loved by all kinds of fans, while Women's Champion Charlotte, is hated across the board. Due to Jealousy, Charlotte decides to try and make Bayley's life both in and out of the ring a living nightmare with the help of her Friend, Dana Brooke. Eventually, this would get worked into the world of Wrestling, and they would have several matches on a personal scale.

Arc 3: Is it Truly The Kevin Owens' Show?[]

The Formerly Known Kevin Steen rises to fame after getting drafted to the Raw Brand, with tons of love by most fans, however, he's a huge jerk. Seth Rollins(Now Face.)tries to set his attitude straight by challenging him to a series of matches.

Arc 4: The Phenomenal One![]

In a Different Point of View to Cena's Arc, AJ Finally gains some momentum after winning the WWE World Title, Due to Cena's Envy of being replaced as the top star, he tries to put AJ in his place, but that doesn't mean AJ isn't gonna fight back.

Arc 5: A Boss and A Queen[]

The most personal feud starts between Sasha and Charlotte, Once were best friends, become the worst of enemies, after some backstage meddling. Charlotte has the Women's Title, and Sasha is on a quest to take the title from her for good, in the First ever women's Hell in a Cell match.

Arc 6: The Struggle of a Prince[]

There than meets the eye to Finn Balor, he struggles between being a very calm gentleman, to becoming a wild and violent Demon, due to an incident that happened when he was little. After going to the WWE, he becomes the first ever WWE Universal Champion, however, due to an accident caused by Seth Rollins, Balor gets injured, and he has to vacate the title. During his recovery, he learns how to control his demon, and when he returns, he decides to get revenge on Rollins.

Arc 7: A Viper's Veins![]

The once evil Randy Orton, has redeemed himself, and has become a good person. However, he is tempted to go back to the dark side by a creepy leader of a family by the name of Bray Wyatt, Randy actually joins him...but...he just joins him to get into his head.

Arc 8: Strong Style Has Arrived![]

Coming all the way from Japan, Shinsuke becomes popular instantly. After a while, The Self Proclaimed "Glorious" One, Bobby Roode, challenges Shinsuke for the NXT title.

Arc 9: An Empresses Ultimate Challenge![]

since Asuka came to NXT, she has been undefeated. Until, a lady known as Ember Moon cheats to beat her. This leads to some meddling and fights between the two, and their rivalry would continue until one of them wins the match for the NXT Women's Title.


Main Characters[]

Character Japanese Dub Viz Media Dub WWE Network Dub
John Cena Kazuyuki Okitsu Sam Riegel John Cena
Bayley Chie Nakamura Kate Higgins Pamela Martinez
Kevin Owens Takehito Koyasu Marc Diraison Kevin Steen
AJ Styles Noriaki Sugiyama Johnny Yong Bosch Allen Neal Jones
Sasha Banks Akemi Okamura Monica Rial Mercedes-Kaestner Varnado
Charlotte Arisa Ogasawara Jamie Marchi Ashley Fliehr
Finn Balor Nobuhiko Okamoto Kyle Hebert Fergal Devitt
Randy Orton Shinji Kawada Newton Pittman Randal Keith Orton
Shinsuke Nakamura Tomokazu Sugita Yuri Lowenthal Shinsuke Nakamura
Asuka Eri Kitamura Laura Bailey Kanako Urai

Supporting Characters/Antagonists[]

Character Japanese Dub Viz Media Dub WWE Network Dub
Nikki Bella Sora Amamiya Megan Hollingshead Nicole Stephanie-Garcia Colace
The Miz Makoto Furukawa Tom Gibis Mike Mizanin
Daniel Bryan Shotaro Morikubo Peter Lurie Bryan Danielson
Shane McMahon Katsuyuki Konishi Quinton Flynn Shane McMahon
Mick Foley Hochu Otsuka David Lodge Michael Foley Sr.
Stephanie McMahon Sayaka Ohara Cynthia Cranz Stephanie Levesque
Seth Rollins Takashi Kondo Roger Craig Smith Colby Lopez
Chris Jericho Nobutoshi Canna Henry Dittman Chris Irvine
Dana Brooke Fumiko Orikasa Ali Hillis Ashley Sebera
Sami Zayn Toshiyuki Morikawa Grant George Rami Sebei
Karl Anderson Koichi Tochika Patrick Seitz Chad Allegra
Luke Gallows Jurota Kosugi Doug Erholtz Andrew Hankinson

Opening and Ending Themes[]