Anime Fanon
Name Wataru Taro
Romanji Tarō Wataru
Nickname Super Hero
Voiced By KENN
Race Japanese
Birthday April 3

18 (S.U.H.)

20 (S.U.H.2)

22 (S.U.H.3)

42 (S.U.H.4)

Gender Male
Height 5'10"

154lbs. (S.U.H.)

165lbs. (S.U.H.4)

Eyes Dark Brown


Blond (dyed)

Blood Type A
Personal Status
Birthplace New York City, NY, USA

Takemitsu Honda (Uncle), Spear (assigned partner)

Education Unknown
Occupation S.U.H. Agent
Fighting Style
Fighting Style True Hero Martial Arts (Improvised mix of street brawling, karate, judo, and taekwondo)

Shotaro Tachibana

Various TV shows

Rival none

"Heaven! Earth! I! These are the three that judge evil!"

Wataru Taro is a character from the Strongest Under Heaven anime and game series.


Wataru is an intelligent young man who enjoys riding motorcycles and watching superhero shows. He has a strong hate for evil and a love for justice. He is very prideful and will help anyone in need of help and also "judge" anyone who does bad deeds, this is often used for an ongoing joke in the anime where he appears. His personality is also part of his fighting style, where he would often make poses or taunts that attack the opponent.


Wataru has a blond-dyed medium hairstyle that reaches his neck and dark brown eyes. He wears a short leather tan coat with fur brims and a plain white t-shirt under, and white cargo pants covering over his black leather biker boots.

Wataru keeps his appearance the same until S.U.H.4, where he undyes his hair and wears a costume that looks similar to what Kamen Rider Decade's Kotaro Minami wears except still wearing his black biker boots. For an unexplained reason, he looks almost as if he hasn't aged since S.U.H.3; very small noticable differences in his physical appearance are his hair being a little gray, his laugh wrinkles, and his slightly paler skin.


Wataru was born in New York City but was raised in Tokyo Japan where he became very interested in Japanese tokusatsu heroes. During his high school years, he had trained himself in karate, judo, and taekwondo to become like the heroes he enjoyed watching on TV and helped out many people who needed help while also beating up punks and criminals. He later joined the S.U.H. Corportation after recieving a letter of thanks from Rikuo Saiga for helping him catch a criminal and has stayed with the corporation eversince. It is unknown if he finished high school.


  • Wataru is highly based on the Kamen Rider characters and has many attacks named after them
  • His second costume for all of the games is a customized S.U.H. Sentry armor suit with a full face covered helmet with horns, a white belt with a big buckle that has "S.U.H" written on it, and a long red scarf that reaches his knees; this costume was made to look like a Kamen Rider's costume
  • His birthdate is the same date as the debut of the first Kamen Rider series
  • His signature attack is called "Heroic Super Kick" which is a parody of the Kamen Riders' Rider Kick
  • His name is based on the characters from Kamen Riders Kiva and Den-o
  • His master is named after Shotaro Ishinomori and Tobei Tachibana while his uncle is named after Takeshi Hongo