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Woody Woodpecker and the Princess of Dreams: A Slumberland Tale (ウッディ・ウッドペッカーと夢のプリンセス:スランバーランドの物語 Uddi Uddopekkā to Yume no Purinsesu: Suranbārando no Monogatari?) is a made for TV anime movie produced by Toei Animation and dubbed in English by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.


Miyuki, an imaginative young Japanese-American girl, yearns to visit Slumberland, a magical realm where Nemo, a boy who visited long ago, had incredible adventures. The story is set in November 1940 in New York City, shortly after the Armistice Day Storm and the release of the film "Fantasia."

One day, Miyuki comes across a local newspaper announcing the 17th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which will feature the first-ever superhero balloon, Superman. Excited about the parade, she dreams of becoming a princess of Slumberland and helping Princess Camille ascend to the throne.

The following morning, Miyuki wakes up to the bustling atmosphere of the parade. She marvels at the balloons, including Uncle Sam, Hippopotamus, Laffo the Clown, Superman, and Santa Claus. The parade fills her with joy and wonder.

In the days after Thanksgiving and the parade, Miyuki learns about the release of the cartoon "Knock Knock" on November 25, 1940. Curious, she decides to watch it. During the cartoon, she notices Woody Woodpecker pestering Andy Panda and Poppa Panda.

In her dream, Miyuki discovers a magical substance that turns salt into pixie dust. She inadvertently transforms Andy Panda into a worried state, causing concern. Woody Woodpecker, attracted to the pixie dust's magic, carries Miyuki away on an unexpected adventure.

Together, Miyuki and Woody embark on a journey through Slumberland, encountering various enchanting characters and overcoming challenges. They learn important lessons about friendship, bravery, and the power of imagination. Along the way, they strive to restore harmony to Slumberland and ensure Princess Camille's rightful place as queen.