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Yaten Shoujo Unison Hayate (Night Sky Girl Unison Hayate) is an spin-off of the Lyrical Nanoha franchise starring Hayate Yagami as the main protagonist. Hayate is an normal 10-year-old orphan girl who goes to the Seishou Elementary School as a fourth grader. One day an mysterious book called the Tome of the Night Sky appeared out nowhere in front her, changing her life for good. The Opening Theme "Innocent starter-trance mix-" will be sung by KANA. The Ending Theme "Night Sky Wind" will be sung KOTOKO.


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Hayate Yagami[]

The main protagonist of the series. She is a fourth grader of Seishou Elementary School in Uminari City. She is similiar to her original counterpart, except she is not paralyzed and has perfect multitasking and combat skills. She is the master of the Lost Logia Unison Device Tome of the Night Sky. She managed to reprogramm the malfunctioned defense program before it activated.


The master program of the Tome of the Night Sky, who is from Belka. She was renamed 'Reinforce' by Hayate during the Defense Program replacement.