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Yuuki - Painting

A painting of Yuuki

Yuuki Shuzen is the main character of Trinity Vampire. She has a split personality, called Moka.


Yuuki is a kind, yet shy girl for her age. She sometimes has a self-esteem problem, doubting herself on nearly all the things that she does.


She has long brown hair which can either be wavy, straight or tied up, and has blue eyes.


Yuuki's clothes don't normally stay the same, but her most common part of clothing is she normally wears skirts or dresses.

Inner Yuuki (Moka)[]

When she switches to Moka, she changes to white hair and red

Inner Yuuki

Moka in Yuuki's dream

eyes. This is her true nature, cold-hearted, powerful and very pridefull. She is obsessed with blood and would do anything to get it, even if it means killing someone. However, her attitude towards people calms down because of Yuuki.


Moka has a cold-hearted personality, being the polar opposite to Yuuki. She is very powerful and beautiful, and is not afraid to show this off.

At the rare moments when she's not fighting, she seems to be quite a normal girl. She has often been labeled as a 'tsundere' type, being prone to using violent methods to get her point across. She is also very smart, getting high scores on her tests at school. She loves shopping, espically for clothes and adores stuffed animals, espically wolves and cats. She likes showing off her beauty, but will not let anything go as far as 'dating' for now.

Magic, Weaknesses & Other Abilities[]

Magical Uses[]

Yuuki has the ability of using magic, since she isn't very strong at hand-to-hand combat and similar. Her main elements are fire and ice. She can also shape-shift.

Moka can use magic, but rarely does. Her main element is darkness. Moka is very skilled with a sword, and can use her magic to change it.

Both Moka ad Yuuki can use telepathy and telekinesis.


Yuuki has a self-preservation ability, which helps her get out of trouble (Most of the time). She has this 'charm' method, which sometimes works on enemies, so that she can distract them with her 'cuteness' and escape.

Moka's agility skills are almost perfect, she has great balance and accuracy. She prefers kicking to punching, but will use it at times.


Both of them mainly have a weakness to water, it paralyzes them. They also can get burned in the sun, but it doesn't really effect them. The only way of killing either of them is through the heart.



(M) - Moka, (Y) - Yuuki.

Game Quotes[]

(Y) - "Hey! Watch where you're firing!" ~Being shot by an ally.

(Y) - "Are you blind? Don't shoot me!" ~Being shot by an ally.

Fighting Quotes[]

(M) - "Heh, I don't know why I waste my time on people like you" ~When defeating someone.

(Y) - "Ice Enchantment!" ~When powering up her ice powers.

(Y) - "Fire Charge!" ~When powering up her fire powers.

Other Quotes[]

(Y) - "Life is a cup to be filled, not to be emptied.

(Y) - "Death begins at life's first breath, and life begins at the touch of death" ~Reading an enchantment.