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Z/X Another Link (ゼクス アナザーリンク Zekusu anazārinku) is an anime series based on the Zillions of Enemy X TCG Booster Pack's Code:BeginningDesire storyline. The plot has an what-if scenario of "What if Azumi Kagamihara and Rigel's memories from the old timeline (Old Time Axis) were unaffected by the space-time leap?"


In the Old Time Axis, Azumi Kagamihara was tossed by the scenarios of the gods(Dingir) and even experienced a disconnect with her partner, Rigel. Overcoming various hardships and growing spiritually, she also overcomes the "fate of death". Rigel is a battle dress from the Blue World, who was sent to be Azumi's partner. For Azumi, she feels like an older sister, a guardian, and more than that.

When they made a space-time leap to the new time axis, the two should have lost their memories. But what if they didn't?


Episode 1: The New Time Axis[]

Azumi defeats Abe no Seimei and Destiny Bane with Yith and the others. Because of that, a space-time leaps occurs and she gets brought to the new Time Axis with her memories intact.