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Z/X Code Reunion 2nd season is an anime and manga series and is the sequel to the spin-off manga Z/X Code reunion.


The series takes place after the Z/X Code reunion manga, Azumi and her friends were enjoying school when they receive a call of Polaris from Ira about new updates, mentioning they could counter upcoming dangers. Concerned that something similiar to an enemy attack might happen, Azumi and co. decides to stay alert, plus new unexpected allies are lending a helping hand.

Theme Song[]

The opening theme is "Innocent Starter (Reunion Trance)" sung by Masami Okui. The Ending Theme is "Girl meets Girl" sung by Eiko Shinomiya.


Azumi Kagamihara (各務原 あづみ, Kagamihara Azumi)[]

Voiced by: Yui Ogura
The main protagonist of Z/X: Code Reunion. Azumi is from the Blue World. She was on the verge of death due to an unknown disease (which was Resource Syndrome), but her life was extended with the help of the Blue World's technology. Her partner Z/X is Rigel.

Ena Soranokawa (天ノ川衣奈, Soranokawa Era)[]

Matoi Shinonome (東雲纏, Shinonome Matoi)[]

Yuni Tsukigata (月形由仁, Tsukigata Yuni)[]

Shuri Kijino (鬼神野シュリ, Kijino Shuri)[]


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