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Z/X Senran Kagura is an anime with 12 episodes featuring a crossover with the Senran Kagura characters. Azumi and her friends were relaxing when they were called to find an dimension machine. When the machine began to function, Azumi, Rigel (who can luckily survive without resources), Misaki and Chitose were sucked into the world of Senran Kagura where they meet Asuka and ther others from Hanzou Academy, Gessen Academy and Hebijo Academy. After they were brought here Azumi finds a box that contains the "Moon" Scroll, "Sun" Scroll, the "Light" Scroll and the "Nature" Scroll and brings it to Asuka, who recommends her to keep the "Moon" Scroll. But when Azumi picked the scroll it began to glow and goes inside her body, suprising them. When a Youma strikes, Azumi baffles everyone by transforming into a "Moon" Shinobi, followed by Rigel becoming a "Sun" Shinobi, Misaki the "Light" Shinobi and Chitose the "Nature" Shinobi after that. Together they will fight the evil shinobi and Youmas. The Opening Theme "Shinobi Bakeretsu!" will be sung by Ito Kanako. The Ending Theme "Tenshin" will be sung by Junjou no Aflia.


Episode 1: Into the world of Senran Kagura[]

Azumi and her Friends (Yuzuriha Misaki and Aoba Chitose) find an dimension machine while they were relaxing. When they activated it, it opened a portal that sucks them and brings them to the world of Senran Kagura. They are found by Asuka who saw them coming from the portal.

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