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Zhilan Duōqíng
Zhilan Duōqíng
• Characteristics•
 Race Half Panda Half Human
 Gender Female
 Age 15
 Hair Color Dark blue
 Eye Color Red
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Martial artist
• Debuts•
 Anime Fight! Panda Girl

Zhilan Duōqíng is the main protagonist of Fight! Panda Girl. Her catchphrase is "Boom!" (ドッカン!).



Zhilan has two forms: a panda and a human. As a panda, she is portrayed with black and white fur. In her human form, Zhilan has peach skin, dark blue hair, and dark red eyes. She retains her panda ears and tail. Zhilan wears a red Chinese shirt with a skirt and black shoes. Additionally, she adorns a red cotton bun cover with a yellow ribbon. To conceal her transformed appearance, Zhilan often reverts to her panda form, which resembles her human appearance.


Zhilan embodies a tomboyish nature and harbors a deep affection for Takeshi Kuromachi. Zhilan's emotions are known to fluctuate rapidly, especially when her attention is diverted elsewhere. Although she tends to appear disinterested in assisting others and is prone to anger and loss of control, Zhilan is inherently compassionate and cares deeply for others, even if she doesn't always reveal it. She is a skilled kung fu master and occasionally exhibits heroic behavior, at times defending her father when he feels betrayed or playfully involving others in humorous escapades. Often, she can be found peacefully dozing on the veranda of her owner's house.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Panda Morphing: Zhilan possesses the ability to transform into any panda she desires, either partially or completely.
  • Jump Combat: Zhilan can combine jumping with physical combat, using her jumps to land on opponents, leap into the air, and enhance her attacks and defenses with momentum gained from her jumps.
  • Healing: Zhilan has the power to heal and restore biotic organisms, curing ailments such as wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and diseases/poisoning. However, this ability requires the patient to be alive; once someone has died, resurrection is necessary instead of healing.
  • Kung Fu Mastery: Zhilan is a master of Chinese martial arts, possessing expertise in various forms of kung fu or wushu.
  • Supernatural Swimming: Zhilan's swimming abilities surpass the natural level, allowing her to swim with exceptional endurance and perform feats such as swimming up waterfalls or through solid matter.
  • Aura Flight: Zhilan can fly by projecting her energy around herself with her aura, using it for propulsion and achieving varying speeds, ranging from super-sonic to light-speed or faster.



In an episode dedicated to Zhilan's backstory, she experiences a profound flashback to her childhood. As memories flood back, Zhilan reminisces about her early years as a young cub. During this recollection, she encounters a childhood friend named Nyanko and a group of Chinese individuals who become her companions. However, their peaceful existence is disrupted when a gang suddenly attacks them, throwing their lives into chaos. As the events unfold, Zhilan's memories become clearer, revealing more about her life. In the midst of the turmoil, a new threat emerges in the form of a flock of aggressive eagles attacking the people. This situation intensifies the conflicts between the Chinese group and the gang, leading to a clash of interests and loyalties. Zhilan, overwhelmed by panic, contemplates leaving the scene but finds herself drawn into a confrontation with members of her own group. Tension rises as Zhilan and her companions face off against the gang, with the larger battle on the horizon. As the episode reaches its climax, Zhilan must confront both external adversaries and internal conflicts, realizing the importance of standing her ground and fighting for what is right.

First Action[]




  • Her character and design were inspired by Tamama from Sgt. Frog, Kuro-chan from Cyborg Kuro-chan, Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, Po from Kung Fu Panda, Mei-Mei from Beyblade, Malin from Pokemon, Kotoko from Chobits, Tomomi from Nintama Rantarou, Chun-Li from Street Fighter, and Kat from WarioWare.
  • She speaks with a Kansai accent and is fluent in Chinese.
  • Her favorite foods are Lanzhou beef noodle soup, apple juice, and baozi (also known as nikuman buns).
  • Zhilan has a special "fighting fist" control that she only uses when she's engaging in kung fu.
  • Zhilan wanted to learn martial arts at a young age because she saw a Bruce Lee movie, and is mentioned to be an avid Bruce Lee fan, with posters of him in her room and also having the same philosophies.
  • Zhilan loves to play the erhu, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. It puts her mind at ease and draws a lot of personal memories.
  • Zhilan is very fond of animals. She is an advocate of animal welfare.