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"AWL' AIL' DA 'ORDE! WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!"-Zombie Ork war cry

Zombie Orks (aka Hell-Troopers) are undead Space Orks brought back from the dead and cursed with Necronicus's magic, abandoning their faith to their Ork Gods Gork and Mork they only serve and worship Necronicus(ever greatful for giving them incredible new power) and Chaos Gods(more or less)

Zomebie Orks


Hell-Troopers,Greenskins(Space Marines)


Undead Orks


Warboss,Nob,Weirdboyz,Maddocs,Deff Dreads,Totemboyz


Space Marines, Retro Ace Corps,anyone the Horde hates


Like other Orks, they are, large, and somewhat chubby and mostly bulky. However they have a pentacle marked on the wounds they took in their first life, also wear black and their skin has dulled to sickly grey.


Warboss-Lead an assault of Orks, heavily armoured and rather slow

Totemboyz-Very similar to Space Marine Librains, they use crude, raw, black magic. This type is only found among the Zombie Orks, no other Totemboy exsists in any other Ork group. The reason why is that Necronicus's "curse seals" on their war wounds gives them also knoledge of spells without the use of texts, data pads, or anything else that requires them to read for Orks (outside of Maddocs) do not read much

Boyz-Common Ork Soldiers

Maddocs-Serve as medics

Weirdboyz-Similar to Totemboyz but can barely use any magic (due to stupidity)

Deff Dreads-Similar to Dreadnoughts used by Space Marines

Nobs-Foul-Tempered Orks, mostly use melee weapons

Mekboyz-Orks with enough intelegence of simple machinery and basic mechanical princibles to construct war machines, special weapons, and vechicles.

Noteable Zombie Orks[]

Totemboy Nurk-Arch Rival of Emilion,and he HATES kids

Maddoc Gurd-One of the smartest of all the Orks besides of Oddboyz, which is rare (possibly a result of Necronicus's magic), very high-nosed and bossy.